Access to a school where they can actually learn is challenging enough. With underprivileged families, an additional hurdle such as disability can prove too difficult to overcome. Lack of resources can also be a real issue; At Bluebaby Support Initiative – BBSI, our concern is the drive to ensure quality education for children with disabilities in an all-inclusive environment, where all children, regardless of their abilities, would have access to quality education. Ekene, a 7-year-old boy is Autistic. He wishes to go to school just like his peers but the parents have encountered financial challenges sending him to an inclusive school.

The scale of BBSI’s ambition is huge, and it cannot be far-fetched that we are starting to recognise and talk about access to education for children with disabilities. Beyond the wheelchairs, impairments, challenges of special children, BBSI sees talents, intelligence and lively characters. BBSI sees children that deserves love, affection & the emotional support to grow up into confident adults with high self-esteem! Ekene is a lively boy, one of the happiest children you would ever meet!

Ekene’s story is just one of the incredible stories of people with disabilities who are learning against the odds, around the world. There are millions more.

BBSI shares the dream — and the belief of Ekene and other special children that education (and a good school) is transformative. We believe that education allows people to transcend their circumstance and realise their full potentials. BBSI as part of her support for inclusion will be sending a monthly support to Ekene to see him through his elementary school. God help us!

Quality and inclusive Education means that dreams of children like Ekene are not limited by their disabilities.

We at BBSI wishes Ekene well.

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