Mrs. Dada Bello, a widow and mother of two never had it easy but learnt to work hard and make the best of her circumstances. She was doing a great job raising her kids in the barracks until four years ago when she fell ill and lost the use of her legs overnight. She became paralyzed from waist down and her world turned upside down.
With no one to help, the responsibilities of taking care of the family fell on the daughter, Faith. And when an 18 year-old become the sole caretaker of a paralyzed mother who depends on her for sustenance and care, it’s no surprise that she got overwhelmed with the burden. She had to bathe her mother, dress her and still work to feed them and pay the bills. So when bills. So when Faith met a knight-in-shining armor who promised to help her family, she must have felt that finally her helper has to relieve her of the burden. Not long after, she became a victim of a runaway partner who left her two years later with a son and a paralyzed mother.
Back to square one with extra responsibilities of a six year old boy, they could hardly meet up with rent payment and were sent packing from the barracks last year November 23, 2018. They spent 17 days on the streets before help came through an abandoned shoemaker shop. As you can see in the video, The living conditions is so pathetic.
Don’t fall for the illusion that the world is broken for you to make a difference. You can be that drop in the water that makes an ocean. Nothing REALLY IS TOO SMALL.
The purpose of life is not just to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, and to make a difference.
Please help us share until this family gets the needed help.
Please send your help to Bluebaby Support Initiative-BBSI
A/c: 0069105172
Sterling Bank Plc OR call Wale Olanrewaju on +234-8034037266. God bless you as you help

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  1. There is a kind of love that obviously wants to give up, but can’t give up; there is a kind of love, knowing that it is suffering, but can’t hold back; Can’t take it back already.

  2. Time will always give you the answer, who is the one who really hurts you and who really cares about you; who is who you care about but who cares nothing about you. Some people are not worth cherishing too much, while others are worth cherishing

  3. I want to be with you, even if it is a headless and tailless farce, I will persist until the moment the world fades after you leave the stage, hold a small lamp and stand in the memory waiting for you.

  4. The road is long and steep. Maybe you are tired. You want to give up.If you want to reach the peak of the road smoothly, you can only hold back the tired feet, relax the complex thoughts in your heart, and keep going forward step by step. Believe a word: do not give up, only succeed.

  5. Like a bee butterfly flying over the flowers, like a clear spring flowing through the valley, in the memory of the memory, the life in the high school era is just like a colorful page, or a movement of cheerful notes.

  6. If there is a friend in the horizon, the heart will fly; if there is hope in the heart, laughter will be refreshing; if there is a fate in life, dreams will last; if there is always a greeting, friendship will set sail.